I’m an entrepreneur with a mission to deliver a healthy, delicious breakfast to people’s homes – a beautifully designed box with quality ingredients, sustainably packaged and made with love.

The key to my success lies in my time as a housewife. I have always been passionate about baking and cooking. That also includes preserving various regional types of fruit and berries I’ve been picking and collecting myself. For more than 30 years, I have been purchasing organic grain from my hometown in Lower Austria. The self-grounded grain has always been a key ingredient in healthy bread and small baked goods for my family.

My family and friends’ knowledge contribution has enabled me to develop my hobby into a sustainable small business. I use ecological packaging that is recyclable or compostable. I also use zero-waste packaging for groups of 4 or more. To reduce food waste, I only produce food by order. For me, sustainability also includes using local and organic food.
I place great importance on the quality of all ingredients, each carefully selected by me. As a former social worker, I am looking forward to the new challenge of running a small business.

``Power for body & soul``

I am a passionate breakfast lady who loves to bake and cook. My Early Morning Boxes are just as authentic – without artificial additives and chemicals.